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“Our Coffee makes the World go Round”

Our amazing 1982 Chevrolet Coffee Truck is permanently based in Lyttelton Manor at 129 Langebrink Road, situated opposite Laerskool Louis Leipoldt.

 P-Nut’s Beanery

We use real chocolate for our hot and iced drinks, no artificially sweetened powders can be found anywhere near our truck. We also specialise in sugar free options, our range includes sugar free Chai Latte’sHot Chocolates, Café Mocha’s along with their iced versions. We also offer a variety of sweetened and sugar free syrups.

Our main claim to fame, apart from our amazing coffee, is our Triple Chocolate Brownies and Choc Chip Cookies, once tried they are addictive and you will be back for more!

We encourage our customers to support our “Pay it Forward” board, where they can make someone’s day a little bit better. As South Africans, we are all struggling to make ends meet, and you never know when someone might just need that pick me up to get them through the day.

To make your life even easier, we have also joined forces with the Coffee Monster team, where you can place a collect order, drive by or ask us to deliver within a 5km radius, no more waiting in queues.

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Loyalty Cards

We also have a loyalty card where the 9th cup is on us. Along with this we have started a reward card range for Essential Workers, Teachers, Scholars, Pensioners and Students, why not reward yourself!



Get your Coffee Fix.. 

Whether you are in a morning rush, afternoon slump or simply need to get your coffee fix on-the-go, Coffee Monster™ makes experiencing your favourite beverage easy and convenient. A simple Coffee Monster™ account allows you to order and pay for your beverage from your favourite barista or discover a new spot, while collecting loyalty across all stores. Our location service will notify the barista when to have your beverage ready so that you can pick it up – or have it delivered to your car or office – in the blink of an eye.

Coffee Monster™

Don’t queue for your brew

Don’t have time to wait for your order? Order through the Coffee Monster™ app and we will have your beverage ready for you when you arrive.

Coffee Monster™

More Information visit https://coffeemonster.co.za/

Coffee Monster™

app available for download

Events / Blog

Welcome to our coffee blog, where you can check out the latest blog posts about our coffee services.

Here you can learn more about the events and clients who hire our coffee truck.

Our Coffee Truck brings the very best service to your event, function, market, school event, private and corporate events.

Let your customers and clients enjoy being served a high quality, freshly brewed cup of coffee, friendly team, whilst promoting your brand at the same time.

Book our Coffee Truck for your next event!


Lorna John

Lorna John

P-Nut's Beanery

Cell: 072 563 6969 "WhatsApp Me"
email: lorna@pnutsbeanery.co.za

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    Our Coffee Truck is permanently based in Lyttelton Manor at 129 Langebrink Road